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What model replace a 12-24V incandescent bulb ?

The table below will help you to find the real light output of your existing bulbs. There are big differences between old incandescent technology, halogens, and fluorescents


What type of fixture the bulb will be used ?




A downlight’s function is to direct the light emitted by the bulb in a specific direction . The reflector within the downlight redirects the omni-directional light out the bottom of the fixture. But, even the most sophiticated reflector models do not exceed 75% efficiency. When the reflector is a simple flat piece of galvanized metal, like in some older marine fixtures, the efficiency does not exceed 60%.

In this case, 1 halogen lumen ( the light unit quantity) is equivalent to 0,7 led lumen , because led light is correctly directed from the source.

A 10W G4 halogen producing 140 lumens can be replaced by a monoface Led bulb generating 100 lumens.


In a shade type lamp fixture the light is isotropic, so it is spread in all directions. In this case, 1 halogen lumen is equal to 1 led lumen. Here you must choose a 360° multiface led bulb to have the the same omni-directional lighting output as an incandescent bulb would provide. A BAY15D 25W incandescent delivering 200 lumens must be replaced by a G4 multiface 360° 2,8W led bulb delivering the same 200 lumens.

In some gooseneck reading fixtures, the bulb is placed very deeply in the reflector. If the reflector is too narrow to accept a monoface G4 with vertical connecting pins (calculated with 70% of original lighting power), you have to use a G4 360° led bulb (calculated on 100% of original lighting power). As the usual halogen bulb used in these reading lights is a 5W, it can be replaced by a G4 omnidirectional type delivering 60 lumens.

The light beam angle

The usual light beam delivered by an halogen bulb in a reflector is from 30° to 60°. Our last generation smd Led bulb have a much wider lighting angle of around 120°. So, you will have less dead-zones with the same fixture spacing in your ceiling as shown in the picture below


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