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CRI Index

Complementary to color temperature , the Color Rendering Index is contibruting to the human eye perception. The CRI is caracterising the way the light will be reflected by colored surface, in comparasion the color would be rendered if it was solar light.

By definition , the solar light which is very rich in the different color radiation is CRI 100. This wide range of color radiations in solar light appears in rainbows. This light seen by human eye is not the light coming frim bulb, but light reflected by objects and surfaces.

In artificial lighting, the radiation spectrum is more limited, even for perfectly neutral white. Thus light reflected can differ the one obtain with a solar radiation.

Our standard bulb offer a CRI75 , same Phillips Luxeon .

For luxury boat builders we can suplly CRI 85 and soon CRI92 with a more rich spectrum , at a 15% extra cost.


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