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Multivolt and EMI emission

Led need a very narrow voltage range.

On boats and cars the two standard voltages are 12 and 24V, but with very big fluctations. On a 12V boat, voltage can vary from 11V when batteries are low to 14,6V during the 3step charging battery process. Peaks over 15V can occur for a few seconds when big consummers get disconnected ( windlass or microwawe oven ) during a charging phase.

If the led bulb do not have a voltage regulator embedded or if there is no voltage DC/DC regulator for lighting lines , the bulbs will get burnt within a few weeks.

The nano embedded voltage regulators generate electromagnetic and electrical noise , that must limited and filtered , because of VHF and AIS marine communications . These EMI are limited by EN norms EN 55015, EN61547, EN61000 and EN60495 , but a very few number of asian imported bulb respect them.

All our product have successfully passed these these test in european labs.


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