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Color temperature

In white light there are different colors, also called temperatures, measure in Kelvin degree. The warm white is in between 2700° and 3300° ( the halogen bulb color) , the neutral white from 3300° to 4500°K ( the solar light color) , the cold white from 4500°K to 6500°K ( the fluorescent and camera flash light ).

Our patent pending cooling techology make you able to choose any white color with the insurrance it will stay the same even in a hot environnement . Led light getting blueish after 20 minutes operating , giving your galley an ugly surgery rooom look, is over.

In a dark woody varnished interior ( teck , mahagony ) we recommend neutral white , that will offer a 15% lm/w extra efficiency. In a light wood galley or with a lot of white vinyl topping we recommand a warm white color.



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